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While the traditional approach to becoming an industry expert can take awhile, making use of today’s resources can help you reach that goal almost overnight. You can gain expertise in your targeted area in a number of ways which help you sell products people actually want. As you gain expertise, and therefore credibility, you also gain the necessary leverage to reach and get a response from your target audience. How do you go about becoming a trusted industry expert?

Distribute Free eBooks: People are always looking for valuable content, and what better way to give it to them than by simply writing and distributing eBooks that help them in some way? No matter what niche you’re working in, you can always give ebooks to your target audience. When people see you freely sharing your knowledge, you instantly become branded as an expert. Your readers see this as a self-less action of yours, giving you more leverage in terms of growing your expertise. And it doesn’t have to be complicated; it can as simple as 10 pages as long as you’re giving value.

Social Media Sites: Social media gives you the ideal chance to build your expert status, no matter what field you’re in. When you actively participate in social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, you can steadily increase your contacts and build your own brand. You can use Twitter for more than sending out short messages, for example; it also gives you the ability to create and manage a brand all your own and build up your list of followers. You can connect with your followers whenever you want, and as you share valuable content with them, your reputation will grow. When you build your own fan page on Facebook, you can use it to brand yourself and build up a growing fan base. Your fans will be able to post messages to your wall and you can share content with them whenever you want. And the best part about Facebook is that it even gives you detailed statistics that show you where you’re going.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to become an authority; while you may be able to get some quick results, it often takes a little longer to build your reputation. It will take some time before the people are able to see you as an expert, not as long as many perceive it to be, but a considerable amount of time, which should be understandable. You’ll achieve the best results by putting in consistent effort rather than on focusing too much on what people think about you. Success is really the result of lots of small actions that must be focused on every day. If you take the time to build your credibility, eventually you’ll find that everything will become easier as your status as expert grows. Becoming an industry expert doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you know what you’re doing.